when is wheat harvested

When Is Wheat Harvested? A Short Guide to Wheat Harvesting Seasons

If you’re wondering, “when is wheat harvested?”, the answer may surprise you! In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about wheat harvesting seasons, including wheat development and the benefits of growing winter wheat.

Wheat Development

Before you ask “when is wheat harvested?”, it’s important to understand wheat development. All types of wheat follow a similar growth cycle.

After the seeds are planted in late fall or early winter, they germinate and emerge from the ground as seedlings in early spring. The seedlings then go through a rapid growth period during which they develop their first leaves, stem, and roots. Once the plants have reached their full height (usually around 12 to 24 inches), they begin to produce flowers. After pollination, the flowers mature into kernels of grain that are enclosed by a husk.

When Is Wheat Harvested?

Harvesting can take place in late spring, summer or fall, depending on the type of wheat. When is wheat harvested, exactly? Spring wheat is typically harvested between July and September, while winter wheat is harvested in late May and through the summer. Durum wheat, which is used to make pasta and semolina flour, is typically harvested in August or September.

Benefits of Growing Winter Wheat

There are several reasons why farmers choose to grow winter wheat. First, winter wheat can be planted in the fall after other crops have been harvested, which means that farmers can make better use of their land. Second, winter wheat is less vulnerable to some diseases and pests than spring wheat. Finally, winter wheat typically yields more grain than spring wheat.

Winter Wheat Harvest Time

When is wheat harvested if it was sown in winter? The specific date depends on the area where the crop is grown and the weather conditions during the growing season. In general, winter wheat is ready to harvest when the kernels are hard and dry and the straw has turned yellow. Farmers usually wait until nightfall to harvest winter wheat so that the straw will be drier and easier to handle.

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